Korea Imported shoes(Preorder #1)

10/10 cappings.
Will be submitting orders to supplier once all payments received.
All orders and payments submitted to supplier. Items will arrive after 2-3 weeks.

Shirley L (unpaid) -Bret Pointed Laceup Oxford Pumps [H0251] Black Size 36     
Xueer(unpaid) -Chante Suede Flower Heels
Felicia Lim(Paid)Meetup -Victoria snakeskin high heels[H0051] Size 40
Yunhan(Paid)Meetup-Louboutin Style Patent Mary Jane. 36, black
Cheryl Lim(Unpaid)-Trisha Canvas Woody wedges[w0093] Cream, 38 
                             -Givenchy inspired chiffon bandage wedges[P0038] Black, 38
Ashley Tan(Paid)Normal Postage-Aeon Anklet Peeptoe Heels(H0229) 36, Black
                               -Chiffon Bandage Heels(P0039) 36, Pink
Karine Lee(Paid)Meetup-Linda Tstyle Braided Espadrilles, 35, Cream
Remy(Unpaid)Double Cross Interweaved Platform Heels[H0231] 39, Brown
Stephanie(Unpaid)Bernice Back bow heel, cream, size 41(Additional $3)

Iphone Portable Charger(Preorder #1)

Orders and payments submitted to supplier.
All items will take 1 week to reach.
Supplier have mailed out items to me. Items will probably reached me by 8th Feb
All items arrived..
Huiqian(Paid)-Spongebob 1900MaH Charger
Sharon(Unpaid)-Spongebob 1900MaH Charger
Cheryl(Paid)-HelloKitty 1900MaH Charger

HelloKitty Preorder #1

Orders and payments submitted to supplier.
All items will arrive after 1–2 week.
Passport holder have reached my supplier and will mail it to me on 10th feb, as for the hellokitty container, it'll arrive slightly later.
Hweeting(Paid)-Hellokitty container
                     -Hellokitty passport holder

Iphone Portable Charger(Preorder #2)

Jesline(Unpaid)Reg postage-Domokun 1900MaH
                                            -Spongebob 1900MaH

Hello Kitty(Preorder #2)

Payment and orders submitted to supplier.
Items will arrive after 1–2 weeks.
Kitty(Paid)Meetup‐Hellokitty Umbrella
Lynda(Paid)Meetup‐Hellokitty Contact Lens case
                                   -Hellokitty Pouch